Thursday, May 27, 2021

Use Mirrors to Reflect Your Unique Style

Mirrors are an excellent way to decorate your home, as well as give the appearance of a larger room. Great places to use mirrors in your home are above the fireplace mantle, on a dining room wall, in your entryway, and of course in groupings with other items such as wall sconces, etc.

You can also add to the beauty of your home by using decorative mirrors. Place mirrors strategically, so that they reflect something beautiful and exquisite in your room, such as a gorgeous plant, handsome statue or piece of art. If you have a fireplace, hanging the mirror so that the fire is reflected is absolutely stunning.

A great way to use mirrors to accent your home is by painting a wall a different color than your other walls. Using a burgundy paint, for example, will really accentuate an elaborate gold framed mirror. Hang mirrors in groups, using different sizes and accenting with smaller items or leaves and ivy strategically placed around the perimeter. Always use an odd number of pieces when grouping on your walls - it's much more pleasing to the eye. Use your imagination - there are endless ways to use mirrors to beautify your home other than just hanging them on the wall!

There are endless styles of mirrors to choose from when decorating your home. The classic gold frame is always popular. You can find mirrors with all types of frames - wood, bamboo, scrollwork, even rope frames. They can be embellished with flowers, jewels and colored glass or even beads. Exotic, Western, Shabby Chic or Colonial, whatever your style, mirrors will add dimension and depth to your home as well as beauty. Mirrors don't have to be boring, in fact they can be the most central and attractive decorative piece in your home!

When decorating your special place, don't forget to use plenty of mirrors. They are a great reflection on you, and your sense of style. Mirrors are not just for the bathroom anymore! Be daring and different, and use your imagination.

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